Chris At HomeMy name is Chris and I build single page web applications.

I started my career as a UI developer when the web was new. I wrote Javascript and HTML, designed a little and learned a lot. Eventually I went back to school and got an applied math degree. After school, I became a full-stack developer, working with ASP.Net, C#, Java and PHP, not necessarily in that order or priority. I also continued to work in Javascript/ECMAScript.

Using what I learned working with server side languages and general software development best practices, I started working with single page applications. I started working with Angular early in its common use cycle and discovered how important functional programming and reactive programming are for the future of software development in the browser.

I started learning the theoretical and practical underpinnings of functional languages and how it applies to reactive programming. I learned about the relationship between Javascript and Lisp and started learning Clojure and Haskell.

Today I use what I have learned over the past twenty years of experience to guide my direction, web applications with a specialty in browser-side middleware and data-driven development. I have built several proof of concept and practical libraries to simplify and streamline the process of building robust, reliable, maintainable software to run in the browser.

For a list of my latest projects, please see the projects section of my site.

I have no Facebook account. I don’t agree with their stance or policies regarding personal information.